Our Core Values

Excellence, Integrity & Service


Excellence is the quality of being outstanding. At Tot to Teen this forms part of our core value of success. At Tot to Teen all students strive to achieve educational excellence. We value the diversity within our school, to meet the demand of the dramatically changing social and economic structure of the 21st century. Students are exposed to the fields of arts, technology, knowledge, skills and ethics that will allow them to meet challenges in the future. We ensure that our diversity focus is an integral part of a high-quality, content-rich education for all students, in which they learn to think critically, work collaborative and communicate effectively.


We instil academic integrity which is geared towards not only to the school but to students, to promote commitment to social,ethical values, and skills in critical analysis. Tot to Teen holds “Integrity” in high esteem. This forms the foundation for our core values.


Students are trained and cultured to achieve not only success but student service, through well structured curricular and extracurricular offerings to instil student service which creates a culture that acknowledges and celebrates students difference. This provides profound positive impact on all students, academically and socially, and is a foundation upon which Tot to Teen school impacts profound positive impact on all students.