Admission usually takes place before the start of the first term. However in the course of the academic year, depending on the availability of space, admissions may also be done.  To apply for admission, complete the application form for the relevant class. Submit the form at the Administrative Office.

All children applying for admission will have to take an entrance exam to determine their appropriate placement.  The results of the entrance exam will be shared with the parents to explain to them the proposed placement for their child, and the rationale for such decision.  It is critical that a child has obtained the requisite foundation of the knowledge at each level  before being moved onto the next level. Therefore, on no occasion will a child be placed in a particular class by the determination of the parent.  The School reserves the right to refuse admission to children whose parents insist on their placement in a class not merited by their test score. Please note that ultimately admission remains at the discretion of school management, which reserves the right to make final decisions.